Meet & Shoot – Walk with Shaye

So I wanna be a photographer?

I’m coming to terms with the amount of free work I’ll be doing for myself. Admin, studying, practicing- and that’s good, this is the time to develop. Hone my style, build client and model rapport, gain confidence (I could pay my own travel fees with “oops, sorry”)

Work through that 10,000 hours, get to the next 10,000, and the next.

So if you’re a new photographer, or one back from sabbatical like me, keep chipping away. And don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help, you’d be surprised how many people are willing to do the work with you. Ask your friends to just go on a stroll with you, do join the trade for prints groups, and keep on adding up those hours.

I shoot on a Fuji XM1 with Meiki Prime Lenses, which are manual and really amazing for the price. I used a modified recipe from Craig Bergonzoni called “Terrace Flora”, I like the way it made the colors pop from the background. I’ve been using recipes because I miss film grain. Everything looks so perfect on the internet, and in combination with manual lenses, it reminds me of shooting on my old Canon AE-1.

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